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Overnight View on Nifty (29-04-2011)

Nifty Daily Chart : Will 5690 hold? Selling in Nifty intensifies during the afternoon session today. Will 5690 hold is a key factor to be looked on. If it holds then we are about to witness another round of upside next week. Well we are looking for the close of this week as of now.

Midday Outlook for Nifty (29-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : Nifty moving well along the down channel. We still remain neutral on Nifty and we might see a bounce in Nifty late this afternoon session. As long as Nifty moves in between 5690 and below the negative sloping trend line, Nifty is considered to be in no man's land.

Nifty Outlook for 29-04-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : Prices have pushed Nifty to no man's land. All we need to wait and watch is whether prices will push above the negative sloping trend line or will push down accompanied by piercing through the lower band of Bollinger Band. Till we see some actions we remain Neutral in Nifty.

Overight View on Nifty (28-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : Nifty still moving on within the trend channel. This is first sign of bearishness. We will turn neutral in Nifty trend if Nifty closes below 5830; which is likely to happen. We are on the verge of a big fall if we fail to see a last lap surge in Nifty. At the moment we are looking for today's and this week's close.

Midday Outlook Nifty (28-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : We can see a down channel in effect on the intraday chart. Today being FNO expiry, we might see moves up and down in late afternoon session. Nifty also holding on to the negative sloping trend line. A close below 5830 would make us to change the trend from Positive to Neutral.

Nifty Outlook for 28-04-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : Nifty struck in between negative sloping trend line and mid band of Bollinger Band. We should see prices moving very soon and most probably on the upside. RSI and MACD has room for furtherning the up move.

Overnight View on Nifty (27-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : Nifty moving up as expected. We can see this up trend continuing for rest of the session today. We might see a close below the negative sloping trend line for 9th time today. I still feel Nifty will move up in coming days session.

Midday Outlook for Nifty (27-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : A boring day, no much movement, nifty just griding down. All the move only for a possible next move up during late session today or tomorrow.

Nifty Outlook for 27-04-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : Negative sloping trend line holds on good for the 8th time yesterday. Seems to me like nifty is struck between mid band of BB and negative trend line. BB is pinching giving us a clue that we are about to see a major move very soon. We need to get a good close above the negative trendline to gain momentum, RSI and MACD has room for validating the push.

Overnight View on Nifty (26-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : Nifty moved up as we expected. Now Nifty is in highly overbought zone on intraday cards, need a pausing and will resume its journey upwards tomorrow. Today's close would be critical.

Midday Outlook for Nifty (26-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : Nifty might move towards 5760 and a bounce from that level. The selling pressure could be as nifty fails to moves above the negative sloping trend line. We need to wait and watch will this negative sloping trend line will hold on for days to come. Today's close could be critical for a positional holders.

Nifty Outlook for 26-04-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : Nifty moved in a tight range yesterday, only significance was it filled the gap at 5857 that was formed last week. Nifty still holding beneath the negative sloping trend line. I still feel we might get a move up before we turn terrible bearish. Last day, our software had few problems and we have fix it last night. The updates would be fine from today.

Nifty Outlook for 25-04-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : Nifty need to move above the negative sloping trend line today. Today's session could be detrimental for the nifty action this week. Kindly also read the weekly outlook.

Weekly Outlook for Nifty

Nifty Daily Chart : It could be an interesting week ahead for Nifty, as we move on to a cluster of previous resistance zone. Prices at these levels have failed to cross over and has made a major move downwards. Prior Resistance are at 5944, 6069, 6181, 6284 and 6338 and my pick from the lot is 6181. It is from this level Nifty fell furiously last time. The factors that might restrict Nifty to move towards 6180 mark are (a)negative sloping trendline still holding on; (b)negative divergences that we see in RSI; (c)MACD has turned negative, however not that bearish; (d)the upper band of the keltner channel coincides with the prior resistance at 5944. We will keep you posted as the Nifty unfolds and give us a clarity on its move.

Overnight View for Nifty (21-04-2011)

Nifty Daily Chart : Nifty finding it hard to sustain above the negative trendline, however i feel it will mange to cross over by morning session on Monday. Positional traders can hold long on nifty with SL at 5805.

Midday Outlook for Nifty (21-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : A little move downwards on the intraday from now on, thereafter we will move forward upward. Nifty need to close above the downward sloping negative line, if our assumption on nifty holds true.

Nifty Outlook for 21-04-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : Nifty still under the downward sloping negative trendline. I think Nifty will mange to break out the trendline and move towards the first resistance at 6180.

Midday Outlook on Nifty (20-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : Nifty holding on strong from the morning session gap up. It seems to me a little push down, trying to fill today's gap and we would be ready for the take off to new leg up. We will keep our subscribers on the strategy through sms. I feel today's close would be critical.

Nifty Outlook for 20-04-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : Will Nifty hold on to 5650, our lower base of our target zone? Well we are on the verge on starting a new leg up, i believe. RSI has started to move sideways and on the MACD parameters we are still in negative zone. The morning session in Nifty will provide us with better clarity.

Overnight View on Nifty(19-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : I have pulled up a two hour chart for you here, which shows the downside is almost over. I believe a leg down in tomorrows morning session and we would be ready for a next move upward.

Midday Outlook for Nifty (19-04-2011)

Nifty Daily Chart : A little more and we would be done. We are moving towards the lower part of the target that we have set last Sunday. We are not holding any position nor on intraday basis. I am sorry for the delay and non regular updates. It would be in line from tomorrow. As I was on a vacation, had lot of things to be completed. Thank you for your patience and whole hearted support.

Nifty Outlook for 19-04-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : A just little push downward and we could be done with the downside and ready to move upward. I have just reached from my vacation, will update you in the midday outlook about the possibilities.

Overnight View in Nifty (13-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : Nifty marching higher and higher, seems to me as our pattern for downside is complete. One can build long in Nifty as we expect nifty to go higher from friday. I will update on positional stratergy at 3.20 and friday view this night.

Midday Outlook for Nifty (13-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : Nifty touched our target zone in the morning session and moved upwards. We need to see whether the correction is over and we will understand by today's close which makes today's close important. At the moment nifty is poised for moving lower in the afternoon session. Nothing am trading now.

Nifty Outlook for 13-04-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : I expect at the opening of today's session, we would enter into the target zone we have set for the week. RSI and MACD would also complete the pattern that we were discussing on weekly outlook earlier this Sunday. In today's chart I have added Keltner Channel to have a fair idea how far we pierce through the target zone. I expect the prices to move below the mid channel at 5719 and close above it today, to complete the pattern for the week. Safe positional traders can book profits at opening fall and risky kindly hold on until we update.

Overnight View on Nifty (11-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : I was wrong! I expected a bounce from 5790 this afternoon session, however nifty started to move sideways for the rest of the day. Hold nifty short for the day. We received calls asking for intraday tips for the day, however, would like to inform all that day trading doesn't mean daily trading. If we were to give a call today, we would have to give a buy call from 5790 which is going against the nifty trend, so i refrained myself from giving it.

Midday Outlook on Nifty (11-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : It has been a movement less morning session. Opened up in a gap down, filled the gap, moved lower and started moving sideways. We expect a bounce on intraday chart in afternoon session from around 5790. However, I am not trading anything and just holding on short position.

Nifty Outlook for 11-04-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : Just to add on to the previous day's weekly outlook. I have added Bollinger Band study in the below chart, we can see that prices are off from the upper band and moving towards the mid line, we expect the same to be met in our target zone of 5750~5650. Also the volumes have been under pressure for a while, which i believe would recover once we are off from the mid band of BB.

Nifty Outlook for the Week

Nifty Daily Chart : Nifty showed some signs of sluggishness on Friday. I have drawn what might look like in nifty in the days to come. I feel Nifty will move a little down or sideways to burn off the over bought situation felt in RSI and resume back the rally. Ideal price range would be 5750~5650. MACD too have shown some sluggishness, however it has not turned negative. We will keep you posted on daily moves regularly.

Overnight View on Nifty (08-04-2011)

Nifty Daily Chart : As we expected, Nifty is still under pressure. We can see further fall if Nifty manages to close below 5890 and we expect the same. RSI has turned negative and holding on to it's negative ground today. Positional Traders can build short in Nifty with SL at 5890. I will update you this Sunday on possible targets and possible movements in Nifty over the next few days/week.

Midday Outlook on Nifty (08-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : Nifty was under pressure during the morning session and would be in the late afternoon session. I feel it might move towrds 5885-90 before it turns down again for the remaining day. Just for your information : Did you notice a flash trade in early morning today??? Nifty was trading around 5899, within a flash it touched 5927 (28 points in a flash of a sec.) was also almost near our intraday SL.

Nifty Outlook for 08-04-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : It was a sluggish day yesterday. Nifty still holding on to the downward trendline, however fails to move faster on the downside. The best strategy would be to wait and watch. RSI and MACD are giving us mixed signals at the moment. Hope we get  clear direction  in the morning session today.

Overnight View on Nifty (07-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : Nifty moved as we expected late afternoon session. Nifty still in no man's land for the next big move. Kindly do not hold any position in nifty for the day and remain neutral. There is every possibility for a reversal in trend tomorrow.

Midday Outlook for Nifty (07-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : It's been a tight day, movements restricted to 25 points in nifty during the morning session. I feel on the intraday movements, markets would try to move towards 5900 and will fall back to form new low.

Nifty Outlook for 07-04-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : As discussed yesterday in the overnight view, we need to watch out for today's action in nifty. Will Nifty hold on to the downward sloping trendline? RSI rolled over from the overbought zone yesterday while we need to see the sluggishness in MACD yet. Parameters are mixed and this morning session would give us better clarity.

Overnight View on Nifty (06-04-2011)

Nifty Daily Chart : Is this topping? Nifty on the daily chart seems to hit a sloping downward trendline (marked in white line) and RSI too turned down from the overbought zone in today's session. There are also a possibilty for nifty to march towards 6180 (marked in blue) before it turns down. Well we would get an answer in tomorrow's session. For the moment we are not turning negative and waiting for a close below 5865. Kindly do not enter long at this stage.

Midday Outlook on Nifty (06-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : Some more upside expected on the intraday chart. We have build long on nifty for our intraday basis. The evening update would be at 3.15 today as the days session could be critical.

Nifty Outlook for 06-04-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : Nifty still looking strong. We can see some correction if 5875 is broken downside. RSI and MACD are still in strong zone. We are expecting to see some negative divergence in a day or two take forward with the position.

Overnight View on Nifty (05-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : As expected Nifty moved from the low of 5855 this mid session and we got a solid 30 points gain in nifty. Nifty still looking strong and positional traders can hold long with the said SL.

Midday Outlook for Nifty (05-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : Nifty moved lower in the morning session and i believe it would bounce back from the support level of 5860. Still nifty is in positive trend, hence kindly do not build short position until we see some negative divergence is in place.

Nifty Outlook for 05-04-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : Nifty looking queit strong on the daily chart. RSI has entered the overbought zone, however we still feel it has the potential to take nifty further upward. MACD too looking strong at the movement. However, we do not recomend to build fresh long at this moment, and request our positional holders who has build long to hold on with their position as per the SL guidance in the right tab.

Overnight View on Nifty (04-04-2011)

Nifty Daily Chart : Wow a great start for the week. Nifty broke the resistance at 5875 and moving solidly ahead. RSI has room for further en the move ahead. Nifty might be marching ahead to the next resistance at 6180, meanwhile we can see some negative divergence in RSI-price pattern. We have booked profits in intraday sell nifty and holding long in nifty. Now 5875 would act as a support for Nifty.

Midday Outlook on Nifty (04-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : Seems to be another day of sideways movement. The interesting fact on the intraday chart is that the RSI is griding lower, however the prices stalls within a fixed range. This could lead to the continuation of further upside movement in Nifty. If Nifty has to fall it should fall today and fall harder.

Nifty Outlook for 04-04-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : Nifty showed first signs of weakness on friday after a week of upside movement. Nifty need to move lower and faster from here on, if this is the new start of a leg down. RSI supports this view however we do not see sluggishness in MACD. Well we would get a clear direction in Nifty in today's session.

Overnight View for Nifty (01-04-2011)

Nifty Daily Chart : A boring day to start off the new financial year. Nothing much commentable, as nifty moves sideways throughout the session. Only interesting fact is that RSI has turned down now, however need a big move down in nifty to substantiate it.

Midday Outlook for Nifty (01-04-2011)

Nifty Intraday Chart : Nifty trading below the positive trendline for the first time after a week of positive moves. Nifty need to close below the positive trendline today and this will lead to formation of a negative trendline on intraday chart.

Nifty Outlook for 01-04-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : Nifty resisted at 5875 levels yesterday, and as we expected there were wild swings due to FNO expiry. Looking at the chart, I feel that nifty will start moving down in a day or two and will try to fill the gaps formed during last week; before it resumes the move upward. I feel nifty would make a move towards 5610. Nifty Intraday Chart : Nifty broke the positive trendline for the first time yesterday, however it turns back quickly to the trend channel. We need to wait and watch whether, a new negative trendline would be formed.