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Nifty Outlook for 28-02-2011 (Budget Day)

Nifty is all set to face the Budget Day with weaker technicals. We have already communicated in the blog to go short/ hold short for our positional holders on friday. We expect wild swing during the hours of budget session, however we feel the opportunity is for the bears on monday. Technically, we do not see any opportunity for bulls to control the market on monday. Considering the volatility during budget session we recommend you to go short on intraday basis using the following levels: SELL @ 5375~5415 with SL @ 5450 for targets of 5305~5265~5235. We will also keep updated during the budget session is live.

Nifty Outlook for Budget Day

Today Nifty provides an excellent opportunity to go short. Monday is the budget day, and going by the technicals, we recommend to hold short in Nifty with SL@5430 on closing basis. Predicting Nifty on D days are risky, however we feel the markets have the potential to head lower on monday. We are holding short on Nifty with the said SL.

Nifty Outlook for 24-02-2011

Looking at the intraday chart, nifty is poised to make big move downwards. The momentum is picking up. There is a support seen at 5410; which is likely to break this morning. We are holding short on Nifty. For more intraday levels keep watching this space during market hours.  For intraday SELL NIFTY@5470~5495 WITH SL@5511.

Nifty Outlook for 17-02-2011

Nifty faces stiff resistance at the mid band of the bollinger band@5500. We expect the downside move in the index to resume at the earliest. For the day 5553 would act as a stiff resistance.

Nifty Outlook for 16-02-2011

Nifty moved higher, with lower volumes. The move might last till 5530. The next move lower towards new lows in nifty should resume at the earliest. Only risky traders be in the market for the day. For more keep watching the blog during trading hours.  

Nifty Outlook for 11-02-2011

 Nifty is drifting lower and lower day by day. Bears have the upper hand until Nifty closes below 5350. Positional holders can hold short with SL@5350. For intraday one can sell Nifty@close~5266 with SL@5303.

Reliance for 10-02-2011

Reliance provides a good opportunity to go long as well as go short. Use the following levels for intraday. Buy Reliance (Spot) @ 899.73 with SL @ 884.80 AND/OR Sell Reliance (Spot) @ 929.48 with SL @ 944.79.

Bank Nifty for 10-02-2011

Bank Nifty has more downside momentum. It's safe to go short in Bank Nifty(Spot)@10218~10319 with SL@ 10370. 

Nifty Outlook for 10-02-2011

Nifty has closed below the area of congestion for two consecutive days. This significes a break down in the price chart as well as continuation of down trend in process. Now the 5350 mark will act as a stiff resistance. We expect the prices to fall further towards 4760 mark in weeks to come. Positional holders who have build short with us @ 5900 levels are advised to hold short with 5350 as SL on closing basis. Please send in your queries to or to me directly at 

Nifty Outlook for the day

Nifty is caught up right in between the area of congestion for the sixth consecutive day. Few days more within this range and Nifty will break out of the range for more directional move. For the time being the range bound movement between 5350~5550 should hold. Positional traders can hold short which we have build @ 5900 with SL @ 5550 and Intraday traders can follow our daily sms for jobbing. We send intraday levels to all our clients through SMS free of cost. Interested viewers may subscribe for the same.  Please send in your queries to .