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Nifty Outlook for 22-09-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : Nifty hit the first resistance level and still looking strong.

Nifty Outlook for 21-09-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : Impressive move yesterday. As I said for the past two days, Nifty gaining ground and also momentum. Am watching out for Nifty to touch cluster resistance area for Nifty and to get a clarity on the next major move. All am looking at for the moment is: Will Nifty manage to hit the higher resistance line marked in green and close the gap? In all probable case it should. RSI has yet again marked another bullish divergence; BB has turned towards upside and MACD is still looking strong. In all probable case it should be a smooth drive for the Bulls for the rest of the week.

Nifty Outlook for 20-09-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : No change in the nifty outlook, with the price action yesterday. Nifty could face resistance before a major move is determined.

Nifty Outlook for 19-09-2011

Nifty Daily Chart : Nifty is gaining ground and moving solidly towards the cluster resistance area. A little push up and we would get much better clarity on the next major move.