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Here is the list of questions I have received and some answers. I will be answering all the questions at the earliest. As my travel schedules are hectic, I find little time to analyse all the stock queries, but will answer all questions I received, as I want to help all my blog friends.

Question: Until Nifty breaches and close below 6580 for three consecutive days Is this right 6580????


Answer: Yes 6580 acts as a wall between Bulls and Bears, and I don’t see Nifty breaching 6580 in the current correction phase.

Question: I have KSK energy ventures @ Rs. 50/-.  What should I do?  Hold or Exit.


Answer: Another stock which is fundamentally and technically weak. Unless you are a long term investor, I do not recommend you to hold on to the stock. When I say long term investor I mean 5 years and more. Also this is not the right time to average this stock. Having broken the previous trend low at 37, this stock might move still further down towards 20s.

Question: Dear Sir, What are the right level to buy following stock for long term?
1) Yes Bank
2) India Bulls Housing Finance
3) Repco Home Finance
4) SKS Micro Finance
Also advise list of good books for technical analysis study.


1) Yes Bank: On the intermediate (1 – 3 years) and long term (more than 3 years) this stock is looking both fundamentally and technically sound. You can add this stock to your portfolio. Using this short term correction in this scrip is advisable. This correction could take this stock towards 550-530 levels and this would be the right time to enter this stock.

2) India Bulls Housing Finance: This is another solid stock both fundamentally and technically. This is one stock which hardly impacted during this correction phase. Also if you look at the volume chart, you can see that buying interest creeps with every fall in this counter. If you are lucky you might get 620 levels to enter into the stock. However, the correction in this counter seems unlikely.

3) Repco Home Finance: Another good stock. One thing is for clear, you are a very good stock picker. This stock might correct up till 596, and that level would be better to enter into this stock.

4) SKS Micro Finance: This stock is currently heading towards the congestion zone between 470 and 360. Until any clear sign on breaking out on either side, I would advise to adopt wait and watch rather than rushing to enter into the stock.

As far as your query on technical analysis book is concerned, apart from Pring’s book on technical analysis, also kindly read the MTA’s newsletter which they publish at regular interval.

Question: Have purchased 3000 shares of JP associates @ 30/=   Not completely convinced to average the cost even at this levels.   What should be my strategy for this stock at this point of time. Do I need to hold for another 5/10 Years or  should i book loss and move on.

By: Ramesh

Answer: Updating by 07/09/2015


Answer: Updating by 07/09/2015

Question: Sir, Please let me know how is the chart of idfc and it's supports n resistance.

By: Bikash lakhotia

Answer: Updating by 07/09/2015

Question: Dear Praveen, If we close below 7940 this week then NIFTY will be having bearish breakout on weekly chart having target of 6800. Kindly also advise good book for elliot wave analysis and technical analysis. Also advise some good stocks to be bought after this correction will be over. Also advise whether there is any tool to calculate time wise correction using technical analysis.

By: Vrajesh Choksi

Answer: Updating by 07/09/2015


By: Sanjay kumar Agarwal

Answer: Updating by 07/09/2015

Question: Dear sir, I am regular reader of your column... I am very thankful for your market suggestions.. Your technical guide about market trend is very helpful for positionl trade also
After u started column about query of stocks..i like to know about some good stocks
1--tata motor dvr
2--ptc india
3-pfs(ptc india financial services)

By: Dr.pravin patel

Answer: Updating by 07/09/2015

Question: Hi Praveen, I have seen your technical analysis letters and you are master on it(You got the designation of Guru of Technical analysis. I also want to learn technical analysis from you. Can you start some session for learning.
What should we do ?
How to read chart?
Which is better software for it?
Which pattern we should follow?
Do and don't
Looking forward on this from you

By: Jaideep

Answer: Updating by 07/09/2015

Question: good sight, best idea with newlook

By: ashwin jogi

Really your calculations are very good, & too near with the Current Market to earn good amount from the Market.

Question: Dear sir, I have just few days back started to follow you.your predictions abt STK mkt is amazing. I am holding following stks .kindly advice me which to hold or which to sell ?
Ashiana housing 100 @ 285.bharat gear 200 @ 83.ecerks 25 @ 1270. Sanghi Ind. 500 @ 58. Pennar Ind.500 @ 60. Plastiblends India 450@306.rpp infra 200 @ 125.sudarshan chem 300 @118.godrej property 500 @275.microsec fin 500 @ 78.dcw 2000 @23.premier explosive 200 @270.mayur uniquoter 200 @ 437.phoenix lamps 200 @116.imp power 1000@87.   Plz guide me on these stks.I will be happy to see if you recommend some stks for investments.sir in sanghi Ind .promoter have increased stake.are going for expansion but profit is down.whats your take ?

By: Sachin verma

Answer: Updating by 07/09/2015

Good Morning!

This Saturday I try to answer all stock queries that we have received. Since we are receiving too much of stock queries, I thought not to clutter the blog home page and we have created this page to answer all queries.

We have received some portfolio queries too, we will discuss the stocks but we will not discuss the portfolio mix or analyse the profit or loss they have incurred. I will try to keep it simple, "only stock analysis". 

Stay tuned, answer coming in some hours...

Good Evening!

We have received a stock query from Mr. Hukumat Nathwani. He wants to know what are the prospects of Tata Steel?

Here is my view on Tata Steel.

Fundamentally and technically Tata Steel is looking weak. This is one of the stocks which I used to track very closely till a year back. I would like to highlight one important factor here, to my experience I have seen technical studies turn first followed by the fundamental factors; this is one of the reason why I focus more on technicals and not purely going by fundamentals. There is always a difference of opinion between technical analysts and fundamentalist on which one is supreme school of thought, however I believe to earn money from markets you should have through understanding of both the sciences.

Let’s get back to Tata Steel. During the month of May, 2014 when this stock broke out on the positive side, I considered it to be the best buy. However the beauty of technicals is this, it can only initiate a trend but if it has to be a good bet, it should be backed up by changes in fundamentals of the company. Tata Steel’s fundamentals failed to give a better picture and hence the stock turned bad during the month of December 2014. Now if you look at it, both fundamentals and technicals do not support to buy or hold on to this stock.

Technically, this stock might see a dead cat bounce towards 333, however if this happens this should be taken as an opportunity to exit. The reason is simple, if the technicals and fundamentals has to change for this company, it would take a minimum of 2 years and that is also not a definite thing to happen. Since we are in a multi month bull run, we have much better stocks to make money from the market.

On the pipeline for askpathiyil, we have a query on FT, IDFC and a list of portfolio. I will be answering by this weekend. If you have any stock query please write to me at

Thank you. Happy Learning!